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Another Wedding
blurry me
One of my friends is getting married early next year and I just can't help but browse the web for some really pretty styles of gowns and dresses that I want to wear on that day. I know it's a bit early but I need to "prepare" myself so I wouldn't look like Winnie the Pooh once I wear the gown. Eeek! I've been really drooling over the Marchesa gowns. They all look so flawless and unique. The cuts are different and most of all, they are purr-retty. I especially like these though they are in invory. I especially like the rightmost gown. Doesn't it remind you of Cleopatra? :)

Ok, so it's settled. Now all I have to do is to hit the gym again every other day or I go hunting for the best fat burner I can find. Hehe!

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