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blurry me
Ever since I was a kid and up until now, I've been a big headband user. I have a huge collection of them. Solid colors, polka dots, plaid, stripes, florals and even mod prints. All of these are plastic headbands. Unfortunately, the shape of my head is not compatible with the elastic headbands. They just keep on slipping off my head. I guess my head has one of those odd shapes at the back. Lol!

So anyway, I found these really pretty cool looking headbands at Etsy. They're from the seller named The Candythief (cute name right!?). I'm glad the artist made a few on plastic headbands but most of the prettier and funkier designs are on elastics. *sigh*

Here are a few of the ones on plastic headbands.

These on the other hand are the elastic headbands. I want them too! If only my head is of a different shape. Lol!

Now if only someone would send me the plastic ones. Heehee!


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