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Fine lines
blurry me
Things aren't the way it used to be. Before, after taking a bath, a little dab of loose powder on the face and a bit of lip gloss is all it takes to get ready. Then as I reached college, pressed powder and a bit of blush and a swoop of my lipstick and that's it. These days, now that I'm in my 30's already (ugh!), I have to put some toner, UV protection moisturizer and lip balm first before I can start with my make up. However, as I inspected closely my face the other night, I saw some fine lines on my face. It totally freaked me out! Now, I'm on the hunt for the best wrinkle cream. I cannot afford to have wrinkles this early. Waaa! And I thought I was taking care of my skin. *sigh* But I guess the lack of sleep from all the studying has something to do with this. Huhuhu!


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