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Oh Chihuahua!
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My husband and I are thinking of getting a dog. If ever we'd push through with this, we decided to get a long-haired chihuahua. This will be a bit new to us as we are used to having bigger dogs. He has a cross between a labrador and a mongrel, while I have a Japanese Spitz. We wanted to get a smaller breed so that maintenance would not be that difficult. With the kind of lifestyle we have, having this kind of breed would be perfect for us. Plus, the long-haired chihuahua are really cute. I've seen in one picture on the internet, and it looked like Gizmo, the friendly Gremlin. Heehee!

See...this is the long-haired chihuahua

... while this is the picture of Gizmo

So anyway, before we head for the local dog breeders, we still have a lot of planning to do. I read that it needs to have a place where they can play and run around. I thought that since they're small dogs, the inside of a house will do but according to my research they have to have a place where they can play. I'm guessing a pvc fence installation is needed so that the tiny pup can play outdoors. Other than that, the usual dog supplies would do.

Will keep you posted if we push through with this.

Pretty Bling-Bling
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I was looking for personalized refrigerator magnets to make as souvenirs for my Godson's first birthday party when I saw these really pretty jewelry made by a designer named Becky Kelso. I just love it when I find something pretty on the internet. Her collection looked really pretty with a vintage feel to it. They are quite expensive though but I guess pretty things don't come cheap.

Here are a few of my favorites from her collection.

Loving local bag brands
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Last Christmas, I probably gave handbags as gifts to five different people. If it were up to me, I would not have given those bags away because all of them looked pretty and are one of a kind. That's like one of the best things about these local new brands. The only downside when buying these bags is that they always run out of supplies because since they are just new in the business, their production line is still small.

I wish there would be more small business opportunities for talented designers so that there would be more to choose from. Well, I have nothing against designer brands but for me who chooses to be different and yet have a very stylish bag, then these new brands are the way to go!

I'm especially loving these really pretty laptop bags. They're not the usual leather and rectangular type of bags. They have them in colorful prints with lots of pockets to put your other paraphernalia. They all look so stylish that it's hard to think that it's just for your laptop.

Happy new year!
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Okay so it's the new year... Happy new year!!!

And they say that in order to attract good luck, one must wear red underwear on new year's eve.

Hmmm... I think this is for the Chinese new year. Now I'm confused. Well, just to be safe, and it really won't hurt to wear red on both new year's eve. LOL.

Red is a pretty color but who wouldn't agree with me when I say that these black and white briefs from aerie are just adorable. See for yourself...And what's great about it is that they're all 5 for $25. Wee!

Happy Holidays!
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This may be a bit late but how was everybody's Christmas? How's everybody's vacation so far? Got any gifts that you've hoped for? I'm sure most of you are enjoying your holiday and are enjoying the gifts that you've received on Christmas.

As for me, I cannot ask for more. my husband and I spent our first Christmas as a married couple. We had a very peaceful and intimate Christmas eve dinner with my parents and opened our gifts afterwards. I got my husband the backpack that he's been eyeing whenever we'd dropby the Quicksilver store. So I got him that and for his birthday which was on the 23rd, I got him a Diana F+ because he's always wanted to do lomography.

Now for my Christmas present, my husband got me the pink mini laptop that I wanted from MSI. It now completes my collection of pink gadgets. :)

Well, maybe there's one thing we want for Christmas. And that is to spend our real honeymoon in a las vegas hotel just as what we planned. Unfortunately, it didn't push through due to personal reasons so I guess we just have to spend our honeymoon somewhere else.

So there, I hope everyone is doing well and I promise to update this blog after the holidays. Advance happy new year everyone!

Christmas Rush
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Christmas is just around the corner and I am just going crazy on what to give my husband. He's been eyeing a lot of gadgets whenever we would go to the mall but he's also keen in getting a new pair of shoes, clothes and even a new bag. I'm confused and getting a bit stressed already because I really want to look for his present already because the longer I wait, the more people I would have to tackle when I go to the mall. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping but at Christmas time, there are a lot of factors to consider before I go shopping. There's the constant sale signs posted in almost every store window in the mall. This is where I usually head first. After checking their whole inventory for any good finds, I immediately grab them and then decide later when I'm at the check out counter. Call me crazy but I've learned this the hard way. I realized that it's best to grab everything that I am considering to buy at the cash register rather than having that decision the last minute only to find out that someone has already taken it. That is why the wonders of technology has helped me and other chronic shoppers out there how to shop despite the mad rush during this Christmas season. I've never been so grateful by having the power to shop online.

So I'm really thinking of buying my husband the external hard drive that his laptop needs. He's been constantly whining about the limited memory he has and that he can't download any more movies and songs for his iphone. I decided to buy this because I'm having a hard time whenever I use his laptop. It's a bit slow now and watching videos online is beginning to be a drag. I really hope he likes this as one of his gifts for Christmas.

One week is not enough
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I never knew that a whole week wouldn't be enough to find the perfect gift for my friends and godchild. I have been chosen to be my friend's daughter's godmother. She is one of my closest friends and seeing that she and her husband is financially challenged right now, I volunteered to buy their daughter a stroller.

There a lot of choices but some just fail just on its appearance. I want something that looks unique and doesn't scream like your typical baby strollers. Form and function is important to me so I was literally pushing those strollers inside the store to get a feel of the wheels. I just hate it when I'm having difficulty maneuvering my shopping cart, so what more if there's a baby on it and you can't get to turn it to where you want to go. So the wheels and the handlebars are two things to consider. Another is that it shouldn't just be a stroller. Multi-functionality is also important. I mean, why would I buy a stroller that I wouldn't be able to use when my baby gets bigger? My friends can't afford to get another one when my godchild grows up. Finally, just a day before the Christening, I was able to "test" a Bugaboo stroller. It has passed with flying colors and decided to buy it.

Next time, I'm giving myself 2-3 weeks whenever I go shopping again for baby gifts. Whew!
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For the love of Plaid
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Do you remember this plaid coat from my previous post? I am really thinking of having my brother buy this for me because it looks so pretty. Plus, it's PLAID! Unfortunately, when I was looking for other pretty coats and jackets, I was only able to find bright colored plain ones. Now, as I browsed my favorite "comfy" brand of clothes, I was delighted to say the least when I saw these really cool looking coats. Yee-ha! :)

American Eagle Outfitters


Stressful and Sleepless Shift
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After standing up and running around like a chicken on steroids the whole night last night, I can only complain about one thing. No, it's not that my legs ache or because I was so tired from my shift. It is the fact that I'm having breakouts all over my face. I'm guessing it's due to stress and the lack of sleep. But I really can't do much about it right now.

So before I went home after my shift, I went straight to the pharmacy to check out their pimple/acne aisle. I've tried already a dozen acne creams but have totally forgotten their names since I only buy them when I'm in this kind of situation. I just want to see fast results. So anyway, I ended up buying a tube of Differin. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that this would do the trick! Wish me luck!

Holiday Scents
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Like what the picture says, "They're back!". I haven't got the chance to take a whiff of these scents but I am dying to smell the Vanilla Bean Noel and Peppermint Twist.

I was just a bit disappointed that they don't have the Caramel Popcorn variety. I saw that once in their stores during the winter season and I just wanted to drink the whole bottle of their body lotion. I wanted to buy the tester bottle because they're all out but the girl wouldn't let me.

So anyway, here's what I want in my toiletries section at home during the winter season.

Peppermint Twist Glittering Shower Gel

Peppermint Twist Bath Fizzy

Peppermint Twist Body Scrub

Vanilla Bean Noel Body Splash

Vanilla Bean Noel Body Cream

Plus I think the house would be in so much Christmas spirit with these:

Vanilla Bean Noel Concentrated Room Spray

Winter Candy Apple Candle


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