The Chronic Shopper's Clutter & Cravings

Join me as I crave and drool on the best things in life that AREN'T free...

Chronic Shopper
I admit that I love to shop. Well, love is an understatement... If only time, financial resources, schedules and physical capacity would permit... I CAN GO SHOPPING EVERYDAY! I have no preference as to what I am shopping for. It may be bags, shoes, clothes, DVD/VCD, little knick-knacks, food, groceries, etc, etc... The list may go on forever. I also don't mind or don't care if I'm shopping alone or shopping with friends. BUT I do mind if I am with whiny and impatient people who just want me to grab the first thing that's cute so we can move on to the next store. I hate that! I don't like to be rushed--especially when I'm shopping! If I'm not in a hurry, I'd like to take my time. I leave no pile of SALE goodies unturned or clothes rack untouched. This is where I find the great and oftentimes cheap stuff. I also love to travel... explore different places, try out different kinds of food, culture-learning and of course SHOPPING for unique finds!

As of the moment,I am currently stashed away in the unemployed bin. Meaning, I'm financially challenged. And when I say financially challenged... I mean NO shopping (well, the needs, I can buy but the WANTS--big no no!) ... And when I say no shopping.... I mean, poor me! Oh the heart-wrenching pain I have to endure when I'm in the mall. I'm like a dog salivating in front of a butcher shop. The only thing that would make life bearable would be to go window shopping. It know it sucks but it's better than nothing. Hahaha! So enjoy and drool with me as I go window shopping... I don't know till when but I'm hoping it'll end soon... :-)

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